Google might be forced to sell off its Chrome browser

Story in brief:

US officials investigating Google for alleged antitrust violations are reportedly considering forcing Google to sell the Chrome browser along with parts of its advertising business.

Key takeaways:

Chrome is the dominant browser right now, used by over 65% of people around the world. This, combined with Google’s gigantic ad business, could be cause for concern, as it allows the company to “effectively set standards for the industry.”

Interview essentials:

If Google is forced to sell the Chrome browser, consider how a decoupling could impact the Google experience within Chrome — with all the account syncing, browser add-ons, and more on the line. On the other hand, Google might argue that there is no need to force it to sell off Chrome; a competitive market will take care of that. For example, Microsoft this year launched its Microsoft Edge browser with Chromium – the underlying technical scaffolding that also supports Chrome. Using Chromium is widely expected to improve Microsoft’s browser when it comes to adding features. This could mean more competition between the two focused on features, rather than performance. 

Sources: The Daily Telegraph <>

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