Returning to normal life, returning to the supermarket?

Story in Brief:

This month, data from Kantar has revealed that supermarket trips increased by 13 million in the last few weeks compared to the previous month. 

Key Takeaways:

According to data, the rise in visits to physical supermarkets was fuelled primarily by older shoppers, particularly the over 65s. According to sky news, the return of this consumer habit lies with the older generation feeling increasingly confident about shopping in-store safely, now they have received at least one vaccination. According to Kantar’s head of retail and consumer insight, “Now largely vaccinated, this age group increased its trips to bricks-and-mortar outlets by 6.8% – more than double the national rate” (SKY). However, despite the evident rise in numbers compared to the previous month, the number of shoppers was dramatically lower than last year, a period of time in which consumers stockpiled to prepare for future lockdowns.  

Interview Essentials:

Online grocery platforms including Ocado have evidently experienced extreme growth rates due to individuals feeling unsafe to visit their local supermarkets, however, it is important to consider whether online platforms can maintain their success as the country returns to ‘normal life’. Consider the action such companies can take in order to continue profiting and to incentivise customers to continue shopping online – is it inevitable that everyone is going to return to physical supermarkets? How can online companies be creative to ensure they survive a post-pandemic world? 

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